Econo Collection



 Holds up to 192 Boxes | 240 Bottles.  


The "All New" Dyerector-One Econo is the most affordable & flexible way to organize and manage your hair color, adjusting perfectly to whatever color-line you use (boxes or bottles). It adjusts "Up, Down, Left & Right" to fit your salon's unique personal needs.


Dyerector-One Econo's design makes it faster & easier for you to assemble and for you to configure. You can now mount it on the wall, while having it at eye-level, to make your perfect adjustments for your salon's unique needs.


Also, it can stand on its own. Unlike Dyerector-One Alloy, you can place Dyerector-One Econo on a table or counter-top and get right to work... Or (of course) you can mount it to the wall.