Gallery 2 | Dyerector



Hair Force Buns + Hair-Color Bar + Dyerector

Take your hair salon to a different level of efficiency, just like Hair Force Buns Salon. They were in need of hair color organization while maintaining the dark-side of the force. They chose three of our Gloss-Black Dyerector-Ones to battle against the hair color chaos within their universe. Needless to say... They won.


1964 + Dyerector

If your shop is rocking like the good ol' days, then add Dyerector-One to your motif. It organizes your salon's hair color and creates an inventory management system; making sure you have what you need at your finger-tips and not hiding in baskets & buckets of chaos. These girls chose the all-in-one Matte-Black Dyerector-One.


Monkey Business + Hair-Color Management

It's difficult to teach a monkey how to conserve hair color. But it's even more difficult to teach a monkey without using Dyerector-One. Dyerector-One is an asset to any salon that is wasting time, space and money in the hair color area of the salon. It organizes hair color while creating an inventory management system. No more searching through baskets & bins of hair color chaos. Precious time is now being well spent on the floor.