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Dyerector-One | Clear-Anodized + Black Interior. 2-3 WEEKS UNTIL SHIPPED.

Holds up to 288 tubes or 275 bottles.

*Includes FREE Shipping | 48 Contiguous States 



Configurations for Boxes:

1.25" wide color-box | Holds 240 tubes (120 shades)

1.5" wide color-box | Holds 288 tubes (144 shades)

1.75" wide color-box | Holds 264 tubes (132 shades)

2" wide color-box | Holds 240 tubes (80 shades)

2.5" wide color-box | Holds 216 tubes (72 shades)



Any bottle up to 4.5" tall | Holds up to 275 bottles (55 shades)



FRAME:  (1) Clear-Anodized Aluminum Frame w/ Reversible Key-holes

SHELVES:  (11) Matte Black Aluminum Reversible Shelves

INNER DIVIDER:  (28) Black PVC Rods



24.5" W x 36.75" H x 8.5" D ​



​Boxes from: 1.35″ W to 2.625" W   &   4.3125" H to 35.75" H

Bottles- 4.4375″ W x 3.25″ H x 8.5″ D


Assembly Required.



Made in New York


Dyerector-One wall-mount color rack system, is an All-in-one modular hair color storage cabinet management system that is used in hair salons to store their hair color perfectly in an orderly, cost effective, and efficient way.

It’s modular design is the must-have hair salon equipment storage system that adjusts to any and every salon need. So, regardless of whether you are a full service high-end salon, a smaller lower-cost salon or even a booth renter... All hair colorists need to have a specific hair salon equipment storage system to organize their unique hair color situation, in order to function properly and operate successfully.

Dyerector-One is the only modular hair-color wall-cabinet storage organizer that adjusts to fit "any & every" professional hair-color-line. It has over 81 different configurations, allowing you to organize your color-tubes, bottles & canisters, as well as house different amounts of shades per shelf... So basically "You" configure it the way "you" want. The used color-tube is always placed on top of the new unopened hair-color box, requiring you to always grab the used-tube; before tearing open a new-box; creating a hair color management system.

If you are converting your existing hair color room dispensary to a hair color bar, building out a new color room or replacing an old color tube storage organizing rack shelving system... Then the Dyerector-One hair color organizer is your answer to a clean and high-end presentation for all of your hair color storage organizational needs. 

It is a must for any hair-salon looking to save time, waste, space, money... And headaches!

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