As leaders within the industry, Dyerector specializes in the design and manufacturing of professional beauty tools. These tools are meticulously crafted to accelerate efficiency and productivity within your hair salon. By offering innovative solutions, Dyerector is dedicated to empowering salon professionals and contributing to the advancement of the beauty industry as a whole.


Designed by a seasoned hairstylist, hair-colorist, and salon owner with over 27 years of experience behind the chair, Dyerector is a testament to a deep understanding of the hurdles and challenges faced in the beauty industry. Having worked in eleven salons and owned two, Joshua Boos' desire for ergonomics and innovative design has positively impacted over a thousand salons, making them more efficient and allowing artists to concentrate on their clients and craft.

This visionary hairstylist's passion for the industry is evident in the creation of tools like Dyerector, designed to genuinely perform and make a significant difference in the everyday lives of salon professionals. The tool not only enhances the salon experience for clients but also contributes to the salon owner's bottom line, reflecting a commitment to the success of the industry.

Dyerector stands as a solution tailored to help salons reach their full potential both in terms of artistic excellence behind the chair and overall business success. With a focus on maximizing efficiency and profitability, this innovative tool continues to be an invaluable asset for salon professionals, driven by the creator's unwavering dedication to the craft and the betterment of the hairstyling community as a whole.