Terms & Conditions

Sales and Refund Policy

​​Please review these policies carefully as they are the terms of sale that govern your purchases at Dyerector Online Store. They set out your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions. Your placement of an order at Dyerector Online Store constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to the order, so be certain you understand them before you place your order.

Money Back Guarantee*
If you are not completely satisfied with our product, just return it within 14 days of receiving it with compliance of our Return/Refund policy. We will refund your money for the product with our incurred shipping & handling charges excluded.


If Product Arrives Damaged Due To Shipping

In order to provide a timely resolution, please follow the instructions below and provide following (7) digital pictures. 

  • Photo 1: A photo of the damaged item.
  • Photo 2: A photo showing the damaged merchandise, inside the original box, with all of the original cushioning (picture should show the placement of the merchandise and packaging inside the box).
  • Photo 3: A photo of the packaging material used inside the box (e.g. bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.).
  • Photo 4: A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (please zoom in enough to read the tracking number which usually begins with 1Z).
  • Photo 5: A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (BMC), if available. The BMC is a round stamp that details either the bursting strength of the box or the edge crush rating of the box. The BMC is generally found on a bottom flap on the outside of a corrugated cardboard box.
  • Photo 6: Two photos displaying all 6 sides of the package (1 photo should display the top and 2 sides, the 2nd photo should display the bottom and the opposite sides).
  • Photo 7: Dimensions of the box including the package height, length, and width provided in the body of the email.

Note: All photos must be in jpeg or bitmap format.   Please email all (7) photos to pictures@ups.com and make sure to enter the UPS tracking number in the subject line of the email. Please note that UPS can accept up to 5 megabytes of information in each email. If the file size exceeds 5 megabytes you may need to send the pictures in multiple emails to prevent any issues.    Once the photos are received, an inspection is performed by the end of the next business day and the shipper is contacted with the results. If you are the receiver, please stay in contact with your shipper for additional information regarding the final disposition of the claim.    

Shipping and Payment

Standard Shipping: Products shipped via standard service are normally delivered within 5-10 business days, within the 48 United States of America. Shipping is calculated at checkout. You have to fill out the billing and shipping information to receive the shipment rate. Your credit card is not processed nor saved at this stage. You will be prompted to proceed to checkout or Paypal for the completion of your order; where your order is processed and completed.

International Shipping: The shipping rates quoted at checkout are for the 48 United States of America only unless stated otherwise during checkout. International shipping fees are calculated after placement of order. There may also be additional customs fees for international purchases according to each individual country, which the purchaser is responsible for at pick-up.

​Undelivered Packages: Occasionally packages are returned to Re-design Brand as undelivered. When the carrier returns an undelivered package to Re-design Brand, please contact Re-design Brand to make arrangements for reshipment. The purchaser is responsible for all fees incurred for reshipment.

Failed Delivery Attempts: Most of Re-design Brand carriers make three attempts for deliver a package. After three delivery attempts, the carrier will return the package to Re-design Brand or abandon the package. Purchaser is fully responsible for making sure that the shipping address is correct. If abandonment occurs, there is no refund (partial nor full) to the purchaser.  

Product Availability

Dyerector will ship your product 2-3 business days after your completed transaction at checkout. Although Dyerector makes every effort to ship your order according to the lead time provided, the estimated shipment date may change due to weekends, federal holidays or changes in supply. If the lead time changes, customer service will contact you via email and provide a revised shipping estimate.

Dyerector encourages you to use the contact form for order status information.

Dyerector makes every effort to supply you with the products you order, but there may be occasions when Dyerector confirms orders but learns that it cannot supply the ordered products, either at all or in the quantities ordered. These occasions can include when Dyerector  learns that the products that are being manufactured are off schedule, or when Dyerector cannot source the configuration you custom ordered. In those circumstances, Dyerector will contact you to inform you and, if you are interested, Dyerector may suggest other products or methods that might meet your needs. If you do not wish to order alternative products, Dyerector will cancel your order for products  Dyerector cannot supply and for any other products that you no longer wish to order as a result, and will refund your purchase price for those products.

Return and Refund Policy

Please note that all returns after 14 days of receiving the product, will incur a 20% restocking fee on any item. Fees associated with shipping a return is the responsibility of the purchaser. No returns accepted after 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of a product, please visit us online and contact us for a Return Material Authorization (RMA). info@dyerector.com

Please note that Dyerector does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following products:

1. Custom products, such as custom dimensions, material or design
2. Damaged product by user (i.e., bent, stained, scratched, scarred, etc.)
3. Product not in it's original packaging with it's packing materials.
If such product is returned in any of the conditions stated above, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to have the product sent back to their desired location.

Note: Dyerector recommends that you (1) use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns and (2) either insure your package for safe return to Redesign Brand or declare the full value of the shipment so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. If you choose not to (1) use a carrier that offers tracking or (2) insure or declare the full value of the product, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during shipping.