ModCab+ Details

Dyerector ModCab+

Dyerector ModCab+ frame comes completely assembled. All you have to do is configure it to your liking and place it on your counter-top or hang it on your wall (French-Cleat System included).

And get this... You never have to take it off your wall to reconfigure. With ModCab+, all you have to do is pop off the free floating top and reconfigure your unit. So if you ever decide to change your hair-color-line... No problem!


+ More Customizing

With ModCab+ you receive double the shelf-pin holes than Dyerector-[One]. Which means that you are able to customize each subsection more-better than before... And it also means that you now can house canisters... Is "more-better" even a word? It is now!

Configure it however you wish. Open the subsections up for your most popular colors. And tighten them for your not so popular hair-color shades.


+ More Robust Shelves

Our shelves are now more robust than ever before. They are heavier, tougher and powder-coated... Which means that they can handle more weight per shelf. ModCab+ handles more colors per subsection than Dyerector-[One]; and is able to organize Goldwell Canisters too.


+ Bottles Roll Forward

Use these shelf-pin holes for your bottle configuration. It allows the shelve to pitch forward, so that your hair-color bottles are always at your fingertips.


+ More Color-Box Sizes

Use any shelf-pin hole to determine the quantity of hair-color boxes per subsection. Each shelf can have different quantities; tailor-fitting your MobCab+ to your salon's unique needs.



dyerector ModCab+ Instructions