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Hair Color Organizer Racks for Salons

One of the greatest challenges facing many salon owners is finding a hair color storage system that can hold the various dyes their shops rely on every day. Because each client is different, creating the right blends to meet their individual color needs is vital. Dyerector understands how important finding the right hair color organizer rack can be. Each of our shelves is designed to maximize storage efficiency so you can quickly and easily find the product you’re after. We’ve created a modular hair color storage system that you can customize to meet your salon’s specific needs, whether your supplies come in boxes or bottles. Browse our complete selection of hair color organizer racks today to find the size that works best for your salon.

Dyerector-[One] - US UTILITY PATENT 11,246,396 B2; US UTILITY PATENT 11,304,546 B1
Magnabowl and Brush Assistant - PCT/US2022/030178


Dyerector-[One] holds both your boxes and bottles... Just configure it to organize what you need.

No. It's designed to hang as shown in the pictures.

Yes. Dyerector-[One] is designed to mount on a wall; with easy to hang key-holes.

Yes. You have to alter the rod lengths by cutting them & then cover the holes underneath the shelf that separates the two sections (clear shipping tape works best), so that the rods in the top section won't go through to the bottom section. It's easier done than said.

Unfortunately, due to supply-chain disturbances around the world, we are not entertaining custom-sized units at this time.