ModCab+ Modular Hair Color Storage Care Instructions

General Cleaning Instructions

To ensure best long-term performance, please follow the cleaning recommendations provided in this document. We recommend cleaning the laminate surfaces immediately after soiling by wiping with a damp micro-fiber cloth or with the following recommended cleaning products.

Basic Stain Removal:

To remove stains caused by common liquids and household products such as coffee, tea, mustard, ketchup, fatty substances, vinegar, wine, pencil, waxes and dirt we recommend using water, mild soap, micro-fiber cloth, or a melamine foam sponge.

Recommended cleaning agents:
 Mild liquid soap
 Clean water
 Micro-fiber cloth
 Melamine foam sponge or Soft cloth for drying


Cleaning agents to avoid:
- All abrasive cleaning materials such as steel wool, scrubbing pads, sponges with abrasive surfaces
- Cream cleaners with abrasives and scouring powders
- Strong concentrated acids or alkalis
- Paper towels

Using any of these items can cause irreversible damage to your Uniboard laminate surfaces and alter its properties.

 Hard to remove stains:
In cases where stains have dried, place a wet soft micro-fiber cloth with mild liquid soap on the incrusted area and allow 1 to 2 minutes to let soak. Remove the dissolved residue by wiping with the wet soft cloth. If the residue cannot be completely removed with the above method, use a wet melamine foam sponge with mild liquid soap. Once residue has been removed, wipe away excess cleaning detergent with clean water and a soft cloth.