House Any Color.

Dyerector-[One] is the only "All-In-One" solution that configures to fit any color-brand's hair color box, bottle or canister. It has over 123 configurations, which makes it the best hair color organizer for your hair salon's unique hair color management needs. 


Easy to hang.

It's easy to install Dyerector-[One] with it's reversible Key-hole Design.



Over 123 Configurations.

Dyerector[One]'s QuickPost™ Design allows you to adjust its dividers Left & Right to fit the width of the box perfectly, so no topple-over. And its shelves Up & Down to accommodate more shades per subsection. 


Perfect Fit.

Store all shapes and sizes of hair-color perfectly by placing the rods through the designated holes within the shelves.  


Bottles Roll Forward.

Reverse the shelf with the lip in front and place the shelf in it's designated position for your hair color bottles to be always at your finger-tips.  



Fits up to 6 Boxes per Sub-Section.

Each shelf can store multiple amounts of color per subsection. So if you want 6 colors per subsection on one shelf (like your neutral series) and 2 colors per subsection on the next shelf (like fashion colors and additives), you can do that. Just move the shelves to your desired location. 



Color Management System

Placing the used tube on top creates a management system. You can't get a new one, until you've used up the old one. You will never have duplicate multiples opened at the same time.


Comparison... What Comparison?

There is no other manufacturer that makes a modular hair color storage cabinet; managing both bottles & boxes of hair color. That alone should make us the best hair color organizer on the market. But we don't just stop there. We are economical, space efficient and durable; all of that with style.