Salon Color Organizer Cabinets

As the owner of a successful salon, you must carefully manage your storage to ensure maximum access to the products you rely on most. This is especially important for your hair dyes. These are products you use every single day to help your clients look and feel their very best. Because each person’s hair is different, it’s vital to have access to all your tools.

That’s why Dyerector developed a line of modular salon color organizer cabinets. This mountable, modular storage solution handles all your hair dye products, regardless of whether they are packaged in boxes or bottles. Here are the most important reasons why you’ll love our salon color organizer cabinets:



Your "in-use" color sits on top of its un-opened backup: creating the easiest color management system while saving you time and money. So, now your stylists' can't open a new one until they've used up the old one.



Move shelves up and down to create the space you need and want. Choose from 2-4 units of hair color per section. Each shelf can house different amounts according to your needs... It's totally up to you.



QuickPost™ allows you to adjust your dividers left or right to accommodate almost every hair-color brand; All boxes, bottles and/or canisters... No problem. [Patent Protected]



You can configure the reversible shelves to pitch forward so that your hair color becomes super easy to grab without any frustration or hassle.



Precision key-hole cutouts make it simple to attach and secure your color happiness onto a wall like a pro. [Wall-Mounting Hardware Not Included]


Three available sizes, with a variety of finishes, that will organize your color-area no matter how big or small the space.

For more information on any of our salon color organizer cabinets, check out our shop today!