Modrack vs Modcab+ hair color organizers versus hair color storage 

ModRack vs. ModCab+?

 They both have:

• Same amount of configurations.

• Same quantity capacity for all of your hair color storage needs.

• Same superior quality shelves and dividers.


However, These Are The Differences:



• Slimmer design.

• Hair color hanging bar.

• Assembly required.

• Less Expensive than ModCab+.



• Frame is assembled.

• Pre-drilled for Developer Rack+

• Matte Finishes


 ModRack hair color Hanging Bar 


Although our system keeps your used tube on top of your unopened boxes, there are those of you that still live to hang your tubes out of habit. Well, ModRack has you covered for just that. Or you can remove the hang'n color bar and install our Developer Rack +. It's up to you.


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Although assembling ModRack is required, it's a breeze to put together. Its straightforward design allows for quick assembly in minutes; with tools included. See instructions below:


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